Welcome from the IWOW General Chair

In the light of the spectrum bottleneck at both network access and backhaul levels, the time has come to seriously consider the upper parts of the electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communications. By doing so, we move into the optical band which includes infrared, visible and ultraviolet sub-bands. Offering significant technical and operational advantages, optical wireless communication (OWC) can be, in some applications, a powerful alternative to and, in others, complementary to existing radio frequency wireless systems and fiber optic systems. Despite the recent surge of interest in OWC, particularly its sub-disciplines visible light communication (VLC) and free space optical communication (FSO), this area is relatively less explored and extensive research efforts are further required to harness the enormous potential of the optical spectrum for communication applications.

International Workshop on Optical Wireless Communication (IWOW) was launched by the EU COST Action OPTICWISE and provides a global scientific forum to present state-of-the-art research results and exchange ideas on a wide range of OWC topics. In the fourth Edition of IWOW, we invite you to the beautiful city of Istanbul. This two day workshop will feature a comprehensive technical programme with oral and poster presentations as well as keynote speeches from world renowned researchers. In conjunction with IWOW, OPTICWISE Training School will be also held for graduate students and early stage researchers.

Looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul
Prof Dr Murat Uysal
IWOW’15 General Chair