About Us

OPTICWISE is an Action of the COST Programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) funded by the European Science Foundation, allowing the coordination of nationally funded research on a European level. The Action serves as a high-profile consolidated European scientific platform for interdisciplinary optical wireless communication (OWC) research activities.

The aim of COST Action OPTICWISE is to increase the scientific understanding and technical knowledge of the emerging field of OWC by exploring and developing novel methods, models, techniques, strategies and tools in infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectral bands that will facilitate the implementation of future generations of OWC systems. The resulting high-performance, high-reliability, ultra-fast, power-efficient, and low-cost OWC systems are envisioned as an indispensable part of a future wireless eco-system. OPTICWISE aims to help establish OWC as a mature communication technology and present a powerful alternative and/or complement to existing technologies in a diverse range of communication applications.

Besides enabling scientific advances in the emerging field of OWC, OPTICWISE also serves as an internationally recognized reference point through capacity building of OWC stakeholders. It is an active participant of standards bodies and international forums such as IEEE 802.15.7 and 5G PPP. It also provides training opportunities for graduate students and early-stage researchers in the OWC field.